About Randi Glazer

“Claiming you will do something and subsequently not following through is the epitome of laziness,” claims Randi Glazer.

Randi keeps herself accountable. Her style of management is to increase positive lines of communication between management and employees in a way that makes the employees feel as though their input is being heard and valued – because it is. Glazer likes to know what her employees are feeling, how they are feeling, and their view of their work situation. In order for this to happen, Randi builds trust from the bottom up. Giving the people she works with a voice and listening to their opinions helps gain perspective and see the big picture. By sticking to her motto of following through, Randi has always been able to convey to everyone she works with that she is not there merely to collect her paycheck.  When people feel valued there is usually higher productivity, more positive lines of communication, and a happier workplace environment.

Glazer claims that in order to build her leadership style, she focused on the perceived negative aspects of managers she had encountered in the past; she made sure to take notes about what they were doing and made sure to keep those actions out of her repertoire. Randi Glazer has underwritten business in the domestic and international arenas for admitted and non-admitted Property, Specialty Property, and Inland Marine risks for many years. Glazer has in-depth knowledge of underwriting and marketing for insurance and reinsurance carriers with a record of effectively building profitable portfolios and programs spanning multiple industries and product lines for admitted and non-admitted businesses.

Randi Glazer has held executive management positions for over 10 years, and has honed and refined her style to accommodate a diverse employee base. Randi Glazer’s specialties include: Surplus Lines Property, Admitted Property, Non-Admitted Property, Property Package, Excess Property Reinsurance, Reinsurance Programs and Automatic Facilities, Specialty Property Risks & Programs, Admitted and Non-Admitted Inland Marine Risks & Programs, E & S Property, E & S Inland Marine, Program Business, Program & Portfolio Management, Client Development, Start-Up Operations, Lloyd’s Syndicates and Expert Witness work.