Randi1 may 2016Randi Glazer, if you were to meet her, can be summed up in one phrase, “looking forward.” She isn’t content with where she is but has a forward focus. While many people are happy to sit around and let life come to them, Glazer is making things happen.

The future is a question mark for many people but Randi has it planned. “I know that things will change and I know my plans won’t go as I envision them, but I like to have a plan. Part of my plan is to stay flexible. A rigid plan is likely to break as soon as it doesn’t go perfectly.”

When considering family, recreation and business Randi Glazer said, “Life is a delicate balance. A flower knows it needs the sunlight, but at night it pulls it’s petals in. There are times that we all need to pull our petals in and relax with people who love us.”

Only time will tell what the future holds for her, but if she has any say, it will go just as Glazer has it planned.

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