Management Roles As a Driver

Management DriverAccording to Diane Gottsman, an etiquette and manners expert, who you are behind the wheel can say a lot about who you are at the office. In a recent article for the Huffington Post, Gottsman argues how you deal with driving can give you insights to your strengths and weaknesses in dealing with stress and problem solving. Observing how you drive can give you perspective on ways to increase your level of professionalism. Below are some areas of driving that Gottsman says can be instructive on a business level.

Time management

When you have somewhere to be, how much do you plan ahead? Do you plan out a route? Do you budget extra time in case of a traffic jam? If so, you perhaps are having difficulty budgeting your time properly. If you find yourself running late on the way to appointments, there is a good chance that you are working late nights and weekends struggling to make a deadline. Make a conscious effort to use your time better both in the car and at the office.


Multitasking has become a business buzzword over the past few years. It is popular way to manage responsibilities by doing many disparate tasks at one time. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work. Just as you should not text and drive, you should not allow other tasks to get in the way of your primary objective. If you are taking calls, eating, and applying cosmetics while piloting down the freeway, your attention is split and your performance on the road will suffer, possibly with dire consequences. Focus on what you are doing. Multitasking comes as a result of failing to prioritize.

Backseat Driver

How do you perform when you are not in the driver seat? Do you support the driver by finding directions when asked? Or, do you criticize the chosen route and nitpick their driving style? Backseat drivers are annoying distractions, and so are micromanagers and over-opinionated colleagues. There are many ways to reach as destination and another person’s unsolicited opinion is not always necessary. If you are a backseat driver, there is a good chance that you are not comfortable conceding control in the car and in business. Learn to step back and take a supporting role.

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