Luke Weil Shares Strategies for Developing Future Entrepreneurial Leaders

Luke Wiel Entrepreneurial LeadersRegardless of the endeavor, true leaders take on an incredibly diverse range of responsibilities to ensure the continued success of their organization. It is for this reason that the most successful leaders understand that their role should include a significant focus on the development of a future generation of leaders, especially in a field as critical as social entrepreneurship.

For Luke Weil, a longtime social entrepreneur who has enjoyed immense success in a variety of pursuits that include entrepreneurial, philanthropic and investment endeavors, preparing a new generation of social entrepreneurs is one of his most essential leadership responsibilities. It is this view that has led Weil to focus not only on creating a foundation for social entrepreneurship upon which future leaders can build, but to also ensure those leaders understand how to best utilize the tools that are available to them and that they are able to make the most out of the endeavors they ultimately choose to pursue.

Of course, preparation is easier said than done, and many current leaders have emphasized the importance of developing an understanding of those who will eventually occupy critical leadership roles. With a deep understanding of the generation that will follow, the current leaders in social entrepreneurship will be able to develop a highly effective set of strategies and methodologies for use in instilling the most fundamental qualities a future leader should possess.

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